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LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Nintendo 3DS

3DS R4 star warsTwo well-known that they learn very well together? In fact, the last game that merges two brands most popular toys - is fun for kids digital dignity and young at heart - Lego Star Wars. Lego Star Wars: The Clone Wars is not a perfect adventure, mind you, brick by brick, but a perfect launch title for the Nintendo 3DS. As with other versions of this suite, which in turn is responsible for Lego pieces that look adorable known Star Wars characters - each with its own capabilities - popular but this time the plot, characters and scenarios are caused by the war Star: The Clone Wars animated series.

LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Nintendo R4 3DS move to solve the huge environments to puzzles, build things, to fight enemies and collect amounts that can be used to unlock new characters. The 3-D effect is clear that the first mission, where a small Yoda has some potholes platforms, jump over huge boulders and huge plants, blocking blaster gun battle droids from all directions. To link to hiding under a rock ledge, Yoda will have to change a Clone Trooper to take advantage of the assortment of arms and hooks. (You can sign at any time by pressing the right shoulder, left or to the operation of small icons on the touch screen).

StarWard 3DS gameSevere Clone Trooper can destroy a bomb, the waste to enter into a cave. While the game focuses mainly on the first two seasons of the hit TV show, you can also unlock classic Star Wars Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. Or why not your own character? The game also has issues, like the passage where the legendary command ship as a Jedi Star Fighter and Y-Wing in dizzying dogfights. A scene from "Lego Star Wars." TITLE LucasArts 3DS version has the game over 10 story-based missions (compared to 32 in the console and PC version of the game), there are more mini-games and volleyball battle droid ball and mini-games in the snow. unlocked in the extras of the store. Like its predecessor, the game is fun (and often humorous) sequences of deleted scenes helping to push along the story. Even the load screens are fun with the droid bored waiting for the next level provided.

Although untested, says LucasArts, the game is compatible with "street fit" so you can exchange items likely to wireless or other signs of the owner of Lego Star Wars. The Clone Wars Nintendo 3DS Unfortunately at the time of this writing, the 3DS Nintendo is not yet available, it is difficult to test this feature (or the small three-page manual says nothing). Some problems with the game action that tend to repeat over time and includes the lack of wireless capability of the cooperative, the only way to play the console versions. But fans of the animated series and Star Wars fans will certainly find this as a starting Nintendo 3DS well done.

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