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3DS SuperCard DStwo - Game Backup Copier
Should Lucas Arts be worried about StarWars games being downloaded from torrent and played on R4 3DS cards like SuperCard 3DS?

R4 3DS SuperCard DStwoSuperCard DSTWO 3DS / DSi / NDS Game Backup Card: small but very powerful Flash Card

Increasing numbers of Nintendo DS and now 3DS owners are starting to use R4DS game backup copiers. Should Nintendo and game publishers like LucasArts worry? It all depends on what the backup device commonly known as R4 Cards or Nintendo R4 DS Flash Card are used for by the customers. Unlike pirated games these devices themselves are not illegal and do not contain any intellectual property owned by Nintendo. It is up to the user to decide if he wants to copy the games he owns or venture into the dark waters and download from the internet backup copies other have made.

A legitimate use for SuperCard 3DS DStwo would be to use it for:

  • GBA roms 3DS R4moving your entire NDS game collection to one Nintendo 3DS flash card.
  • consolidating all games in ONE cartridge to save space when traveling and minimize the chances of loosing a game cartridge
  • having and using a legal backup copy of DS games to prevent damage to the original
  • playing Emulated copies of GBA games on 3DS.
    (Nintendo 3DS Virtual consoles lets you buy GAMEBOY and GBC games, but if you already own these games or want to play GB ADVANCE games you need an adapter like SuperCard DStwo for playing them on N3DS)
  • Playing Classic games from NES, SNES, SEGA Genesis, GameGear and Master System, Atari, Commodore etc.
    (3DS R4 DS Card and SC DStwo in particular comes with emulator software for most of the old consoles)
  • Playing Your Video and Movie files.
    (You can buy 3D movies from Nintendo, but with a 3DS Flash Card you can transfer the movies and videos you already own from your PC or Mac to a microSDHC card and play them on the DS or 3DS)
  • Playing freeware 3DS Homebrew and DS homebrew like DSPaint, DSDoom, DSGmail, Moonshell3 etc.

(SCDS2 eOS Menu Screenshots fron N3DS)
DStwo Menu SuperCard

SuperCard DStwo 3DS R4 Card

Nintendo has been providing all arcade fanatics with high quality arcade games packed in portable gaming consoles. However, as technology continuously develops and new trends emerge, these gaming consoles undergo changes that prevent users from enjoying their favorite games on older versions of the gaming console. SuperCard, a well-known manufacturer of flash cards compatible with Nintendo, released its most recent flash card – the Super Card DSTWO 3DS game backup card.3DS R4 star wars This flash card is dubbed as SuperCard’s second generation flash card that features various functions that characterize new trends in modern technology. It has a built-in CPU with unparalleled and precise performance that can quickly respond to the user’s needs.

This latest release from SuperCard shows off a sleek and smooth design, representing the high-end technology inside. The package includes the second-generation flash card, a user’s manual written in both English and Chinese, a USB MicroSD reader (SDHC cards are supported, bur micro-SDXC support could be added later) and a blue wrist strap. The SC DSTWO R4 3DS game backup card greatly enhances your Nintendo gaming experience with features like Game Boy Advance and Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) emulators, Real-Time features, four levels of Action Slow Motion, Action Replay four save slots, a clean ROM support and a user-friendly interface with an in-game menu. This flash card allows users to play Nintendo games from both GBA and NDS Homebrew and ROM consoles. Additional plug-ins may be required for the games to work and the firmware is upgradable for future add-ons that can be utilized by the flash card. This high-quality storage device and CPU is also geared towards future improvements like additional emulators aside from Nintendo and more capabilities for other multimedia needs. The DSTWO also includes other multimedia features including superb multimedia playback of AVI, DivX and other video formats, file management system that allows users to copy, paste, cut and delete files, an eBook reader, viewing of files in BMP, JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIF, GIF, TXT, PDF MP, JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIF, GIF, TXT and PDF formats, and a MicroSD storage capacity of up to 32GB. The flash card also boasts of a multi-language support including English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Spanish, support for SDHC, FAT and FAT32, PassME functionality, on-the-fly AP and auto DLDI patching, support for long file names, an updatable firmware and an evolutionary operating system (EOS).

The SuperCard DSTWO N3DS R4 game backup copier is iPlayer’s rival as a GBA emulator and this flash card assures you of unlimited game play of hundreds of GBA games. The RealTime features allow you to save, backup, and restore files immediately. The RealTime Cheats permits players to execute an Action Replay code and the RealTime Game Guide provides users with quick gaming help anytime. The capabilities of SuperCard’s second generation surpasses its predecessors as well as its competitors because of the numerous functions that users can make use of. In addition, this flash card can automatically detect 3D game engine technology with an immensely enhanced stability. So if you are looking for something small but very powerful to answer all your gaming and multimedia needs, then DSTWO is the perfect flash kit for you.

SuperCard has to compete with other 3DS Flash Cards on the market. AceKard 3DS R4 chip , CycloDS iEvolution 3DS , many variations of R4 3DS and R4i 3DS Flash Cards, but Super Card stands out with its Built-in CPU and better GBA, SNES and DivX Video support!


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